1-Stop Product Creation


Designing for the future

Our innovation process uses more than two decades of design and manufacturing experience to connect all of the necessary dots from product concept through to successful launch and the technical skills to make this all happen with maximized yield and cycle times, cost efficiencies and superior user experience.

Vertical Integration Advantage

Our facilities house the latest in design, engineering, manufacturing and technology to deliver the efficient,
seamless production of your product.

Our in-house vertical integration model has many advantages, such as:

Superior Quality Control

Our detailed control process and highly skilled team implements and monitors quality requirements so you can focus on your core business.

Remarkable Communication

At every step of the project our powerful ERP process tracks real-time status and enables seamless communication between the team and our customers.

Time is Money

Save your manpower and reduce down-time – we can get your product built and ready for market faster than you think.


We have hundreds of expert designers on staff that engineer modern, innovative, reliable and economical solutions.

Secure IP

Your intellectual and physical property is protected in one private environment. We embrace confidentiality agreements and respect intellectual property and will not publicly disclose or share our customer list or their work.

Scalable Scope

From one product concept to an entire line, we can guide you to a maximized efficiency in product design, support your production needs and help you start small and grow quickly.